Simple Setup & Ease of Use


Receiving teletherapy services from TalkPath Live couldn’t be simpler or more convenient. As long as you’ve got an Internet-connected computer or tablet equipped with audiovisual capabilities (that is, speakers, a microphone, and a webcam) — which come standard on virtually all devices these days — you have anytime, anywhere access to our menu of service options.


Our technicians will guide you through your initial encounter with our system and confirm that your hardware and software are in full functioning order to receive teletherapy. Free, on-call tech support is available thereafter for any issues you may encounter.


For sessions, our service providers connect with our clients via safe and secure videoconferencing software. With only a click of the mouse and a supplied meeting ID number, therapist and client meet one-on-one at the designated time, for the designated session length. Once online together, screen-sharing is enabled and users have access to our plentiful toolbox of web-based instructional approaches and techniques.


All TalkPath Live platforms and products are HIPAA, COPPA, and FERPA compliant, ensuring your safety, privacy, and confidentiality from start to finish.


With TalkPath Live, the therapy comes to you. No more need for transportation or traveling long distances from remote areas. No more waiting rooms or appointment delays. No more hassles. Just effortless access to effective, outcomes-driven therapy delivered right to your computer screen.

Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on our school-based services, private-pay services, or early intervention services.


Schools / Districts

Custom-tailored packages for single schools or for whole school districts, based on volume of students and level of need.

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Delivery of one-on-one therapy to individual clients, directly through their personal computer, anywhere, anytime.

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