Speech-Language Therapy

TalkPath Live specializes in delivering the most effective, most affordable, state-of-the-art online speech-language therapy to individuals of all ages, with all types of communication challenges. We treat the full range of diagnoses, including those involving language, articulation, fluency, pragmatics, voice/resonance, and swallowing. Every program we offer is supervised and evaluated by a certified SLP for clinical effectiveness, and every SLP in our pool of clinicians is uniquely trained and wholly dedicated to finding the right tools for speech improvement and speech practice. Whether we’re working with a school-aged child on auditory processing issues or helping a stroke survivor regain functionality, we design customized treatment plans for all those we serve, and we meet them at their level of ability with research-based best practices, targeted interventions, and expert guidance.

Occupational & Physical Therapy

With our leading-edge service delivery platform and our responsive teletherapy model, TalkPath Live guides people toward their greatest performance potential in areas related to movement and mobility, to cognition and coordination. The populations we serve include but are not limited to those with learning or developmental disabilities, neurological deficits, sensory processing differences, and executive functioning difficulties; and our focus domains include but are not limited to fine motor skills, visual perception, oculomotor function, emotional regulation, and task organization and initiation. Our certified OTRs, OTR/Ls, MSPTs, and DPTs are talented and trained specifically in the delivery of online therapy, zeroing right in on each person’s area of need and optimally addressing that need during strategic, streamlined sessions. (Note: An external webcam is recommended for OT/PT teletherapy, for ease of positioning the camera as needed.)

Mental Health & Behavioral Counseling / LCSW Services

TalkPath Live’s brand of counseling and social work services for school-based clients (grades K–12+) concentrates on key elements of personal development, including self-esteem, interpersonal interactions, positive behavior patterns, conflict resolution, and age-appropriate social skills. We aim to maximize feelings of personal efficacy, empower healthy decision-making, and impart self-management skills. By balancing an emphasis on self-accountability with the self’s role in community, students are led toward not just establishing, but sustaining emotional well-being in all facets of their lives. Although we employ a hybrid of theories in our counseling approaches, we generally endorse the practices and principles of cognitive behavioral theory, particularly modern-day applications of Aaron T. Beck’s belief system about the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (you can read more about CBT here). TPL therapists are trained in trauma-informed care, crisis intervention, and behavior modification, and they implement treatment plans that directly promote social and emotional growth in pediatric, adolescent, and young adult populations.

Early Intervention Services (for Ages 0–3)

Under IDEA (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and reinforced by the Child Find mandate, early intervention services must be made available to infants and toddlers throughout the United States with disabilities or developmental delays. Once an evaluation identifies the particular issue, early intervention focuses on helping babies and preschoolers learn the basic and new skills that typically develop in the first three years of life, such as physical, cognitive, communication, social-emotional, and self-help capacities. Based on the IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) that is written as a result of the child’s diagnosis, the appropriate services and therapies will be provided — at no cost to the family — both to the child and to the child’s family. As part of our nation’s effort to keep our youngest members on track and on pace, TalkPath Live provides speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy for preschool children, designed to address their specific special needs and/or delays. Online therapy facilitates the process by delivering services in the comfort and security of the family’s home, under parental supervision at all times.

Psychoeducational Assessment

Before any type of special education or therapy is prescribed for school-aged students, it must first be determined if there is a need for specialty services. This is the purpose of psychoeducational assessment, conducted by a qualified school psychologist, to assess and diagnose any specific learning and/or behavioral disabilities applicable to the student. More specifically, psychoeducational assessment (1) evaluates the child’s cognitive abilities and educational achievement levels; (2) makes recommendations for the child’s educational planning based on analyzed strengths and weaknesses; and (3) suggests any accommodations relevant to best meet the child’s needs. Assessment formats can vary, but most entail basic components including tests of intelligence and cognitive abilities, achievement tests, and tests of behavior and attention.