People Are Our Purpose

Our mission at TalkPath Live is simple: to lead our clients down the path to the functional improvements, corrective advancements, and strengthened skills that will enhance and enrich their quality of life — particularly their communication and contact with the world around them. But the journey there isn’t always simple. It requires highly qualified therapists to serve as guides. It requires truly effective therapeutic tools and methodologies. And it requires practice and perseverance on the part of our clients and steadfast diligence and evidenced expertise on our part.

Driven by Our Values

TalkPath Live is a vibrant and always-evolving organization of caring professionals dedicated to both embracing and promoting inclusivity across all channels while fostering a sense of belonging among our entire community of staff and clients.

Partnering with a Passion

Those who choose to partner with us can expect a lot. Superior person-to-person customer service. Flexible programs and pricing structures. Unlimited tech support. Research-based therapeutic approaches and leading-edge therapeutic services. Most of all, our partners can expect unparalleled dedication to and unbridled enthusiasm for helping our clients attain their objectives. We’re passionate about what we do, and that passion breaks down barriers, creates new pathways, and instills hope.

Rooted in Excellence

TalkPath Live is the offspring of two dynamic parent companies, both leaders in health care technology: Lingraphica, the premier provider of communication devices and apps for people with language and cognitive disorders (most notably aphasia), and PRC-Saltillo, a pioneer in the field of assistive technology and augmentative communication. By combining the expertise and harnessing the power of these two trailblazing companies through the same channel, TalkPath Live has emerged as the newest, best means of remote delivery of first-rate teletherapy services.