Customer Testimonials

Tina Crivelli-Wade, Regional Director – Northern California
Specialized Education Services, Inc.

“TalkPathLive has been an amazing partner, particularly in managing relationships between [our] schools and [our] parents, resulting in quality services provided to our students. They quickly meet the needs of each individual school, student, and IEP they’re asked to take on. Moreover, TPL is an organization of great integrity. Their collaboration and dedication have assured us in a time of need and bolstered the services we’re providing. TPL would be an excellent vendor for any organization, adding value with their highly professional services.”

Christy Takacs, Executive Director
New Mexico Association of Charter School Education Services

“TPL excels in what they do, as demonstrated by the highly skilled therapists they hire and their responsiveness in working with our schools. We are in continued partnership with them because they are extremely competent, very reliable, and willing to work with NMACES to provide high-quality services and support.”

Tandee Delk, Superintendent
Elida Municipal Schools

“Elida faced the same challenge that so many districts continue to struggle with; namely, a shortage of qualified clinicians to provide treatment. From the time we contracted with TalkPath Live through to the present day, TPL continues to cover our caseload needs with exemplary therapists who are truly passionate about their profession and committed to the students they serve.”

Kristine Vasquez, M.Ed., Director of Special Education & Student Services
Greenfield Union School District

“TPL has transformed the way our district has serviced our special education students. Its 21st century model could not have come at a better time and it has truly been instrumental in our success in servicing students. Our students continue to thrive and receive top-notch services from dedicated and hardworking professionals who care deeply about the work they do.”

Robert L. Morgan, Ed.D., Ed.S., ATAC, Special Education Administrator
Visions in Education Charter School

“TPL has been responsive to every request that we have had to support our students. Whether it be providing students with an ASL-proficient SLP or virtually completing psycho-educational evaluations, this staff of professionals has been ready to help us meet challenges. I am thankful our school has a nonpublic agency to rely on.”

April Miller, Special Education Coordinator
McCurdy Charter School

“We have worked with TalkPath Live for several years now for the provision of our speech, occupational, physical, and social work therapies. We are very pleased with the therapists and the services provided. They have helped improve our school community, and we plan to continue working with them in the future. We would highly recommend them for any school program.”

Anthony Clancy, Executive Director
Ocean State Academy & Ocean State Academy Learning Center

“TalkPath Live is a helpful and accessible company whose commitment to their field is exemplary. Staffed with highly devoted and motivated professionals, their total dedication to the success of our students, as well as our schools overall, may also be added to their list of assets. We are fortunate to have TPL as a part of our educational community.”

Kathi Wardrick, Related Services Coordinator
California Schools Related Services

“I am reviewing case logs for my students … and wanted to send a note of gratitude to the TalkPath Live team for their impeccable work with my students. Due to the sensitive nature of my cases, I literally go through each and every log for each student. It is always such a pleasure to get to your team’s logs, as I never have to worry about makeup time completed or accuracy of  logs, which is a treat. Thank you for your hard work with our CAVA kiddos.”

Alice Franco, IEP Coordinator
New America School

“I have to admit, I was wondering how teletherapy could possibly work to 100%, but it is off-the-charts amazing! I credit the pathologists’ expertise, as well as the variety of techniques [they] use. In the short time we’ve been using TPL, I have already noticed an improvement in student engagement, and especially important to my ‘teacher’s heart’ is the way your pathologists sometimes use a student’s actual current assignment to work on the student’s speech needs. That is a BIG ‘wow’ for doing two important things at once and certainly supports the students’ academics and their class grade!”

Michele Hunt, Director
Anansi Charter School

“Anansi Charter School has found TalkPath Live to be responsive to our school’s needs and very service oriented. The therapist we worked with was professional and established a great rapport with the students. The students looked forward to their therapeutic sessions provided by TalkPath. The program is affordable and easy to use.”

Jeanette Owens, Supervisor/Teacher
Lord Stirling School

“After the first week of implementation, it was apparent that TalkPath Live was a success. The program offered many benefits that a traditional program did not. Teachers were able to log on for students from any computer in the school. Our SLP was flexible in schedule and session length. She reviewed the students’ goals and created a program based on their needs [and] interests. She prepared comprehensive session reports, IEP documents, and offered to participate in annual review meetings. TPL has proven to be an efficient and affordable alternative to our traditional speech program, and I would recommend it for any institution looking to meet the needs of 21st century learners.”

Kate Cheney, Special Education Program Manager
La Mesa–Spring Valley Schools

“I’d like to express our gratitude to TalkPath Live for delivering exemplary speech and language services at a time when our district needed assistance providing coverage for our service providers who were requesting extended leaves of absence. TPL was able to commence delivery within a 10-day time frame, along with impeccable data tracking. As a district of 12,500 students, I am certain that we will maintain the need to contract with TalkPath Live, and it is without reservation that we would use them again as well as refer them to any school with the same need.”

Geoff Brignola, Assistant Principal
Jackson Liberty High School

“Our school has been very happy with the services you offer. The ability to serve our students on home instruction has been incredible. For one student in particular who needed speech, education, and counseling, TPL saved us significantly on resources deployed to the home and dramatically cut down our overall costs for the student (close to 50%). Online delivery creates a safe and less intrusive feel for the student who might suffer with traditional routes to education and related services. Trying to educate students on home instruction is a challenge. TPL meets that challenge with ease, flexibility, lower cost, and incredible quality. You cannot beat that!”

Parent of TPL Student

“TalkPath Live has been invaluable for my son. The traditional classroom setting was not equipped to handle his individualized needs, [which] caused a lot of heightened anxiety. The dedicated staff have been instrumental and understanding of my child’s unique needs, working rigorously to formulate tailored lessons creatively and collaboratively, to the point where progress is happening. He is eager, asks questions, and wants to learn more!”

TPL Student

“I really like my therapist. The online exercises she gives me are fun and interesting, and it feels like the assignments and activities have been picked just for me—she knows what I like! My teacher says my skills are improving, so the therapy must be working. But I just like the one-on-one time in the therapy room, which feels more like a videochat than work I have to do.”

Gail MacWhirter

“My husband has been [using TPL] for over a year, and I am delighted with it. He looks forward to his sessions, [which are] an important social connection and therapeutic opportunity for him. His therapist is warm and friendly and has gone out of her way to help. It is also very professional — there was a thorough assessment and established goals that continue to evolve as he improves. … Much thought and creativity go into exactly what would benefit my husband each session. It is the most professional speech therapy he has received since his stroke 14 years ago … and I don’t have to drive him anywhere or be too involved. I couldn’t be happier with the results!”

Charles Daw
Individual Client

“My speech therapist is great. I have had problems saying my R’s from a young age. Other speech therapists have tried to fix it without success, but with her I went from mispronouncing it almost every time to near perfection. All within a matter of months! I recently joined a speech and debate club like I always wanted to. Thank you!”

Linda Conaway
Individual Client

“TalkPath Live has really helped me with my speech. My therapist has worked with me on words, and now we are moving on to sentences. The video and audio is live — [my SLP] is right in the room with me. There are no speech therapists in our immediate area, and Medicare and private insurance limit the amount of speech therapy I can get. I am thankful TalkPath Live is there for me.”

Edward J. Karecki Sr.
Stroke Survivor & Caregiver

“My wife of 57 years, Lucy, had her stroke on May 10, 1998, and she has aphasia. For the past three months, Lucy has been receiving group speech therapy through TalkPath Live. This has been a great help for her with her communication skills. During her sessions, they practice writing, drawing pictures, and talking about various subject[s]. The other participants have commented on how much better Lucy has been able to participate in the group. She looks forward to her weekly sessions, and it is a very easy system to log in to. If it were up to Lucy, she would [have] a session every day — that is how much she enjoys the group activity. As I have learned, the more you practice, the better you get. Even after 19 years, Lucy is still making progress with her speech, reading, and writing skills.”