TalkPath Live’s revolutionary web-based teletherapy delivery system solves many of the issues and budgetary challenges facing school administrators today.

TalkPath Live delivers:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational & Physical Therapy
  • Behavioral & Mental Health Counseling
  • Direct Academic Instruction
  • Parent & Family Training
  • Psychoeducational Assessments
Additionally, for our therapy students, our TalkPath Classroom therapeutic platform is accessible anytime, anywhere, which means students can practice as much as they want at school or at home — allowing for greater gains in shorter spans of time.



Liberal policy for cancelled/missed sessions. Call us today at 855-274-9582 to learn more!

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School Packages

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Fair & cost-effective pricing
  • Schools contract only for the time they need
  • Session lengths based on IEP mandates
  • Full collaboration with students’ larger support teams
  • All packages include tech check, unlimited technical support & initial student assessment

Therapy Features

  • Research-based therapeutic techniques & state-of-the-art tools
  • Free ancillary practice time, online or offline
  • Unlimited access to homework & exercises between sessions
  • Engaging, multimodal content on highly interactive interface
  • Continual student monitoring & progress tracking
  • Detailed automated reporting capabilities

Program Benefits

  • Licensed & certified therapists specializing in school-aged children
  • Cloud-based platform available 24/7
  • Minimal (if any) investment in equipment
  • eHelper training (if desired)
  • Robust data analytics for educators
  • Remote delivery of related services eliminates staffing and salary concerns, travel time & missed sessions

4 Simple Steps to Online Therapy in Schools

Initial meeting to assess need & discuss service preferences
TPL outfits applicable computers with online access to platform & offline access to app
Service Delivery
Students & clinicians connect online for sessions
Tracking & Reporting
Continual monitoring & updates on student performance & participation

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