We connect people in need of speech-language therapy with certified speech-language pathologists (SLPs) who expertly deliver that therapy. We break down barriers to effective communication with state-of-the-art therapeutic tools and practices. We instill hope and confidence in place of frustration and disappointment. We open doors that have been closed … beyond which, all other doors open.


That’s what TalkPath Live does en route to elevating communication skills as high as possible for each and every individual we serve — whether that means building capabilities and functionalities where none existed before or restoring capabilities and functionalities as much as possible to their previous levels.


Using technology to connect service providers with those in need of this service, TalkPath Live is the newest, best way to lead people to optimal speech-language improvements — when it fits their schedule, where they’re already located, in ways most suited to their particular needs and learning styles.


Every program we offer is supervised and evaluated by a certified SLP for clinical effectiveness, and every SLP in our pool of clinicians is uniquely trained and wholly dedicated to finding the right tools for speech improvement and speech practice … one client at a time, one step at time.

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How It Works

Schools / Districts

Custom-tailored packages for single schools or for whole school districts, based on volume of students and level of need.

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Health Care Facilities

Collaboration with caregivers in rehabilitation and long-term care settings to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

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Delivery of one-on-one therapy to individual clients, directly through their personal computer, anywhere, anytime.

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