Program Benefits

  • Improves mood, self-confidence, sense of self-worth & autonomy
  • Increases cognitive orientation, memory functioning & functional communication
  • Proven effective for auditory comprehension & verbal expression, reasoning & problem solving, ADL-themed tasks
  • Heightens user satisfaction and client & family engagement
  • Reduces dependence on medications & likelihood of further diminishment
  • Lowers operating costs
  • Complies with all health care mandates & standards

Therapy Features

  • Completely mobile platform that can go wherever the patients are
  • Can be delivered on an individual or small-group basis
  • Specialty programs for individuals with aphasia & dysphagia
  • Caregiver support & training offered
  • Improved treatment tools & FMP (Functional Maintenance Program) opportunities for clinicians
  • Advanced tracking capabilities & automated reporting modules for administrators
  • Data analytics for identification of clinical trends & outliers

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